Yandy Smith Explains Fake Marriage, Current Relationship Status & So Much More

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Love and Hip Hop: New York’s most controversial and confusing storyline this season has seemed to be the storyline of Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris’ alleged fake marriage plot, and it has also led to a host of other rumors and speculations of what could really be going on.

According to the famous reality star and mother-of-two, Smith allegedly left her name off of their marriage certificate at their blow-out wedding special that was taped for national television, only in order to protect her own assets once he’d went off to prison. This would free her from possibly having to make any child support payments for his other kids while he is away.

Smith also insists that she’d made the switch with Harris’ full knowledge upon doing so and, though he is away serving eight years for drug trafficking, she does assure that nothing has changed in their relationship.

However, fans of the show still, understandably, have a host of questions for the wife, mother and business woman.

How much of their time together has been faked for the cameras? Are the two actually in love? And, most importantly where their children are concerned, do they intend to stay together, now that the truth has come out?

Smith recently took out the time to answer all of those questions while she was present for an Atlanta radio show, Streetz 94.5, and she was sure to keep it real at all cost.

For starters, Smith took it upon herself to address her stance on marriage and the difficulties that she and her man are currently facing with him being away:

“The world doesn’t know my commitment level to that man,” Yandy said. “You think it’s a piece of paper that’s gonna do that?…That’s my baby, that’s my husband, that’s the man that I’ve waited for for thirty some-odd years.

“That’s my soul mate,” Yandy went on. “I’m here. Imma ride it out. When you have a loved one that you’re not laying with every night, and there’s a disconnect, you have to find some other way to build that love….This has just made us stronger. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and it really has. I’ve never been so connected and so in tune [with Mendeecees].”

As for the notion that there could be some phony spots in their relationship, the reality star isn’t having any of that. She makes it clear that the two of them are very much so in love:

“I’ve been committed to that man for a very long time [since before the marriage],” Yandy said, reminding listeners that she and Mendeecees were a couple long before their official wedding date of May 25th, 2015. “Y’all can harp on this piece of paper…y’all think that makes me committed to this man, y’all some damn fools. You’re not gonna tell me how much I love mine.”

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Think they will officially get married once he is released from prison? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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