Why Is This CEO Every Black Woman’s Savior? Find Out Here…

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The beauty industry is booming and there are so many women who are taking full advantage of that.

However, for women of color, who contribute more than a trillion dollars in spending power to this industry, it is often times quite difficult for them to find products that are suitable for their skin, as well as their hair type in this particular market.

Dana Hill, on the other hand, has now found a solution and the answer to all of our questions. As the founder and CEO of the COCOTIQUE, she’d first started her company to fill a void that we were missing out on for so long.

Her company will now deliver straight to your door, and you can receive products every month for testing to see what might be the best product for you before committing to a huge purchase.

COCOTIQUE is a deluxe beauty box subscription service for all of us brown girls of all different ethnic backgrounds, which offers high-end products for beauty and lifestyle at an affordable price.

Get to know COCOTIQUE through its founder, Dana Hill:

What year were you founded?


What inspired you to launch your business?

Like many women, I fell into the habit of nurturing others and forgetting to take care of myself.  We tend to put our children, husbands, partners and even employers first and don’t take time for self-care. Carving out “me time” is so important for happiness and balance in your life. If you’re not loving yourself, you become depleted and can’t fully love others. That’s where COCOTIQUE comes in – it’s a box of self-care.  It’s about loving yourself enough to recognize the importance of embracing your needs.

What makes your brand/product unique?

Each month, my subscribers receive a box of beauty products specifically chosen for the specific beauty needs of women of color. The COCOTIQUE Beauty Box is like a special present of self-care to yourself each month. It encourages women to take that “Me Time” by indulging in their box of beauty treats each month. I also wanted to save women time and money, so they would no longer have to waste money on products that don’t work for their specific beauty concerns. I help them discover the best in beauty for women of color and deliver it to their mailbox each month.

Why should everyone #buyblack this holiday season?

It’s important that we support black business because it strengthens the black community and helps to create jobs. It’s also empowering to show your solidarity in coming together to uplift your community.

How do you pay it forward within your community?

One of the ways I help is by donating beauty products to organizations that help women and families who are at risk and need personal care items. There are many women who can’t afford the basic personal care items for themselves and their families – soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. These items go a long way in helping them with their basic needs, which in turn helps to boost their self-esteem.

What is your business mantra?

Empowered Women, Empower Women. COCOTIQUE is a platform that helps to inspire, educate and uplift women.

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