Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Breaks Silence on Facebook Trolls & Fake Page

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Famous reality star and singer, Tiny Harris, is apparently the latest victim of internet trolls. The wife of rapper T.I. has had her identity stolen by the trolls and they have gone as far as creating a fake profile via Facebook. The mother of seven took it upon herself to confirm that she doesn’t even use that particular social media site.

The Facebook page for “Tameka Tiny Harris” (@tamekacharris) has over 462K fans.

Rolling Out recently reached out to Harris, asking why she believes that she was being targeted and she later explained that she is unsure and simply doesn’t have an explanation.

She also took to her social media to write, “Hey guys that facebook page is not my page…it is fake. Not sure how they got verified but we are dealing with it now to be taken down.”


The fake Facebook profile is missing one key identifier for what people would consider to be a “verified” page, and that is the blue check mark that would appear beside the name of the celebrity or public figure.

Here are some real Facebook accounts that are operated by major celebs:


Quora.com writes: “Lots of not-so-well-known celebrities have got a check mark against their name too. So if a celebrity page isn’t check marked, there is quite a good possibility that the page is fake.”

Facebook denies allowing fans to create pages. In their defense they write:

Only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity, or band may create a Facebook Page. The Page creator can then add other representatives to help them manage the Page. Each Page admin will be able to update and edit their Pages from their own accounts.

If you would like to create a Facebook presence for a celebrity or organization and you are not officially authorized to do so, please create a Facebook group instead, as these may be created and maintained by any user.

One report did, however, confirm that Facebook Staff does call the management team of the celebrity to verify their page.

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Think Facebook may have mistakenly overlooked the page?

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