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Should Black Woman Be Cursed For Praising Their White Spouses?

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Tamera Mowry-Housley has been in some hot water with the World Wide Web a number of times all because she fell in love with and married a white man, who seems to treat her very well. However, the internet’s latest uproar is over a simple picture that Mowry-Housley posted of her husband’s collard greens that he’d whipped up for Thanksgiving Day.

Right after the internet had dragged the famous former Disney star, mother, wife and twin sister to actress Tia Mowry, the ‘Real’ co-host took it upon herself to speak on the incident, addressing all of her haters.

Check out the video:

She’d stated that the recipe of Collard Greens originally came from Greece, right before making it clear that “What they don’t know is that Adam’s grandmother was from the South, and she passed away before she could spread that recipe to him. My husband loves collard greens.”

Check out the photo and caption that she’d posted to her Instagram account:

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Yaaas! My man cooks greens 🍂 🍁And yes! They are bomb! #HousleyThanksgiving

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