Senate Approves Whopping $170 Million for the Victims’ of Flint’s Water Crisis!

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Congress has actively chosen to address the public service heath atrocity that has been plaguing many cities, with a feverish focus on Flint. An election year plan to provide $170 million in aid for Flint, Michigan’s poisoned water infrastructure systems has seamlessly been passed by the House of Representatives.

The December 8 vote was not a speedy response to the devastating news coverage that sparked nationwide participation in it’s awareness more than a year ago. Official resident complaints began in Flint in 2014 when the Governor approved the switch of water source, for a city dominated by people of color with an alarming 40 percent poverty rate, from the fresh water source Lake Huron to the toxic Flint River. The highly acidic water corroded the lead pipes, leading to lead poisoning, the release of other heavy metals, and causing severe diseases in natives. Although at this time the water source has been rerouted back to the Great Lakes Water Authority, the pipe damage has been done and any water running through them will host the toxic minerals.

“What happened in Flint was a failure of government at every level…We’ve just waited an awful long time for this.” – Congressman Dan Kildee, D-Mich; a leader in fighting this cause.

Two bills were passed that will ameliorate the circumstances in Flint: the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN), passed with a vote of 360-61 in the House, and the Continuing Resolution (CR), passed by vote of 326-96 which is a government spending bill including “appropriations money for Flint.” This bipartisan effort to support Flint and cities crippled by tainted water has been a tremendous feat among the ongoing conversation surrounding the civil injustice.

The federal relief aid, if approved by the president to become law, “would help replace lead pipes, remove lead from homes, and expand health care for those exposed to lead.” This victory could be the nexus of a brighter day for the people of Flint, as well as for the other’s who will be impacted by the proposed $10 billion relief package.

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