Keke Palmer Goes In On Meghan James After These Nasty Comments

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Actress, singer and dancer Keke Palmer has been known to take to her social media to drag a clown or two when it comes to controversial topics like bullying, however, this time her social antics have apparently began to rub one reality star the wrong way.

Over this weekend, Palmer took out some time from her busy schedule to binge watch ‘Bad Girls Club’. She’d then began sharing her thoughts via Twitter, however, one of the star’s from the show, Meghan James, got wind of it and opened fire.

It all began when the child star responded to one of her Twitter followers by answering a question about who was her favorite from the show.

She’d answered: “Ashley really, Meghan just too corny, her and Julie to me are so weak.”


James reposted Palmer’s comment and suggested that the actress sounded “like a hater.” Then … it was on like Donkey Kong.


Palmer continued on with her thoughts via the social media site, typing that all reality stars “must be able to separate the difference between someone being entertaining and them being likable. I’m so happy to be in the space in my life where I can accept that other ppl gonna always have their own feelings about me.”

She continued, “And understanding that half the folks that try to down play you are people that you would never be involved with anyway. It’s not a problem if you are an apple and they like oranges because there’s a whole group of people that love apples!”

This past Monday morning, James took to her Twitter account once again, by saying, “Miss keke, I’m sorry that I upset you so much so that you had to go on a rant . It seems to me that your ‘re worried about the wrong things.”

And then James took the petty road by claiming that Palmer was sleeping with “multiple athletes.”





James then concluded by saying: “You would think that A list celebs like miss keke would not have time , the strenuous days of reading scripts to even watch bgc.”


Some would say that James took it a little too far. What do you think? Is James an attention seeking slore, who was just waiting for someone to mention her name? Or was Palmer wrong for commenting to the fan in the first place?

All I got to say is… Don’t hurt em’ Keke!

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