Rapper Kanye West is now what some believe to be the subject of J. Cole’s latest single. Just last night, TIDAL released a 40-minute documentary called ‘Eyez,’ which takes a look into the making of Cole’s latest upcoming album ‘4 Your Eyez Only.’

The music video for his latest song ‘False Prophets’ begins to play at the 30-minute mark, and it is there that the ‘Workout’ rapper lets loose some of the most articulate lyrics over the instrumental of Joey Bada$$’s ‘Waves.’

Check out some of what he said:

“You lose your grip you could slip into an abyss. No doubt, you see these n.ggas trippin”

“Ego in charge of every move, he’s a star/ And we can’t look away due to the days when he caught our hearts. He’s falling apart but we deny it/ Just to find the half-@ssed sh.t he drop, we always buy it”

“There was a time when this n.gga was my hero maybe / That’s why his fall from grace is hard to take, cause I believed him when he said his sh.t was purer and he / The type of n.gga swear he real but all around is fake.”

“Wonder if it’s my fault for idolizing n.ggas’ words that they be rappin / But come to find out these n.ggas, they don’t even write they own sh.t”

While some believe that the final line of the song is about Drake (because of his ghostwriter controversy that took place after the release of Cole’s ‘Forest Hills Drive’ album in 2014), the prior three quotes echo the criticisms of some of Mr. West’s biggest fans.

The West who made “Jesus Walks” was a genius who made music for the people, and the West who made Yeezus is a narcissist surrounded by yes men, according to Spin.

Of course, Cole and West have made some amazing collaborations in the past on the G.O.O.D. Friday track “Looking for Trouble.”  However, many are happy that the ‘Forest Hill Drive’ artist is taking his time to address the real and make it clear that he is not too pleased with West’s actions lately.
Kanye West has been in the news after being admitted into a hospital for what some are claiming was anxiety, amongst many other things.
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