Floyd Mayweather Smacked With Another Lawsuit

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Highly paid former boxer, Floyd Mayweather, is now being sued by a Vegas nightclub after allegedly skipping out on his own birthday party that he was supposedly scheduled to host.

Mayweather allegedly signed a contract with the SLS Hotel of Las Vegas to host his birthday party in the Foxtail Nightclub on February 20th. He’d received an advance payday of $35,000 in full for just 90 minutes of his time.

However, the issues is that the famous boxer decided to spend the remainder of his birthday in Europe and skip out on the scheduled shindig. Being that he’d received the payment before doing the job, SLS Hotel was angry with him for abandoning the event that they’d worked so hard to market to his fans.

Floyd Mayweather is being sued by the hotel for the money that he’d already receieved, as well as for additional damages that were brought to their reputation as a business. There’s still no word from Mayweather or his reps on the current situation.

This isn’t the first time that the boxing champion has been sued for not keeping up his end of the bargain.

Though this is the first time that Mayweather has been sued for a breach of agreement, just this past October, The Jewelers Inc. sued him for allegedly failing to make scheduled payments for a $3 million diamond-encrusted necklace, which had 72 round-cut diamonds with each diamond at three carats.

After purchasing the expensive necklace, Mayweather paid $1 million for it back in September of 2015 and made six other payments of $100,000 after the purchase. However, according to Game Guide, he’d later stopped paying in May, which caused the company to file a suit against him.

His camp hasn’t responded to those allegations either.

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