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Dylann Roof’s Trial Has Begun: He Admits To Church Massacre And More

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By, Jen Nicole

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So Dylann Roof’s trial has begun and he has already admitted to the massacre of nine African American church parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, according to an FBI video played Friday at his murder trial in Charleston, South Carolina.

Basically he is a supreme racist/white supremacist and is probably mentally insane as well. As he joked and laughed at the expense of his victims in the court room. He is completely sick, but is representing himself for most of his trial so he can’t plead insanity.

Below are excerpts from Dylann’s two-hour confession that was played in court:

“I went to that church in Charleston and I did it.“

Did you shoot them?” a law enforcement officer asked in the video.

“Yes,” Roof replied matter-of-factly, laughing again.

When asked how many people he killed that day, he calmly replied: “If I was going to guess, five maybe. I’m really not sure.”

“I was sitting there thinking if I should do it or not for 15 minutes. I could have walked out. I don’t want to say it was spur of the moment.”

“Somebody had to do it,” Roof continued, stressing “black people are killing white people everyday… What I did is so minuscule compared to what they do to white people every day.”

“I like Charleston,” he said in the video. “It’s historic, too, you know. I think at one time it had the highest ratio of blacks to white during slavery, and AME is a historic church. I researched black churches.”

“It was pop, pop, pop,” he said, adding that he didn’t shoot a woman who was looking at him.

Roof said he was “in absolute awe” that police weren’t waiting for him outside once he left the church.

Roof said what he did was “political” and that he considered himself “a white supremacist.”

“Our people are superior,” he said. “That’s just the fact.”

Asked by an investigator if his crime made him feel “glad,” Roof said: “I had to do it. I wouldn’t say I was glad.”

When told he had killed eight people at the scene and a ninth died at a hospital, Roof said, “Well, it makes me feel bad.”

“On Wednesday, Roof’s mother suffered a heart attack in the courtroom soon after prosecutors began laying out their death penalty case against her son. She reportedly said “I’m sorry” several times as family members and court security came to her aid. Roof’s attorney mentioned the heart attack in court documents asking for a mistrial, saying a survivor’s testimony was so emotional that “spectators and even court personnel — including members of the prosecution and defense — were crying with her.”

He also said his views on race were awakened by the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, and talked about Muslims overrunning parts of Europe and said he supported Hitler.

Listen, I’m just sitting here waiting for him to get the death penalty already. Real talk. A trial is really not needed with all the evidence we have on him, I mean really. He already got a hamburger from the cops after he murdered 9 people, he doesn’t need any more preferential treatment. He is a MASS MURDER and needs to get that chair already. Period.

We here at will keep you updated on the trial though :-).


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