Draya Finally Show Off First Picture of her Adorable Baby Boy

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Since the two of them welcomed their baby boy into the world just this past April, NFL baller Orlando Scadrick and reality star Draya Michele have done a pretty good job of preventing any images of their child from leaking onto the internet.

Well, it seems that some things have changed for the Dallas Cowboys cornerback and his model girlfriend. Just yesterday was the very first time that they’d chosen to show baby Jru’s face via social media.

The two of them both posted an identical photo of their beautiful baby boy on their Instagram accounts and people were in awe at how beautiful the kid is.

Take a look and be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness.


Isn’t he the cutest kid that you have ever seen?

And for all of the ignorant fools out there questioning whether Orlando is Jru’s father… Get you a life… ASAP!

Draya made headlines not too long ago after admitting that the reason why she wasn’t ready to show pictures of Jru was because he was still kinda “ugly.”

Check out what Michele had to say in her conversation with an inquiring fan, as well as her comments in which she’d called her son ugly:

Naturally the internet took it upon themselves to jump on her comments and before we all knew it, what she’d written was on several blogs and websites being deemed as a terrible mother for making a comment about her own child.

She then took to her social media once again to clear her name, saying:

“My child is beautiful (a little rashy from eczema) but VERY CUTE.”

“Some of these blogs are determined to keep people convinced that I’m a monster.”

“I don’t show my baby because I don’t f*cking feel like it yet. And that’s why.”

“I don’t owe it to anyone.”

It is a relief to know that the cute little boy is far from ugly and we are so happy for the proud mommy and daddy.

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