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Did You Know Kanye West Was Taking Medication Regularly For His Psychological Issues?

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By, Jen Nicole

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Kanye West thankfully was released from the psyche hospital, where he entered in on a 50/50 physiatric hold due to his mental breakdown and is now back making music- which is great!

But did you know that his 8 day hospital stay could have been prevented? Sources say that Kanye stopped taking prescribed doses of his usual meds for psychological issues.

I know right?! I would have never thought that there were real issues behind his ranom rants, but apparently the boy really does have issues, that he is legit taking meds for!


So the first apperance of Kanye since he was released, was at an art show Thursday night in Los Angeles and he is now sporting blonde hair?? Yeah, not sure why though. Maybe it’s all a part of his “healing process”-who knows!

Glad his creative juices are flowing again. Allegedly Kanye has been more relaxed and focused as well. He reportedly even built a temporary studio inside the Bel-Air mansion he shares with Kim Kardashain so he can have the privacy he needs to get healthy, while also making new music.

Speaking of Kim, what do you think about those rumors of her trying to get out of their marriage and get full custody of North and Saint? You think there is any truth to it, or naw?


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