Birdman Thinks A Cash Money Reunion Tour Will Do Just Fine Without Lil Wayne… Seriously?

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Birdman isn’t going to allow a petty little $51 million lawsuit to get in his way and stop him from making his own money. The rapper and hip hop music mogul is now allegedly plotting to produce a Cash Money Tour and people are looking super confused about the lineup of hip hop celebs that will be in the building.

The weird thing about this news is that he believes it will all go off without a hitch, even if Lil’ Wayne isn’t there… The biggest rap star to come out of the label…

According to TMZ, this new project will put “Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Tour to shame.” An insider claimed that former Cash Money rappers, Juvenile, Turk and Mannie Fresh, are all on board for this tour and ready to perform.

They will also be featuring up-and-coming artists on the CMB roster.

The TMZ source also implies that an open invite was sent out to Wayne to come along and join the tour, however, he declined until they are able to settle their dispute. So it looks as if the chances are very slim to none that he will be there.

CEO Birdman is now planning this tour because next year will be the 20th anniversary of the record labels humble beginnings. But, the big question still remains — will Lil’ Wayne put his $51 million issues aside to join the tour with Baby and the rest of the Cash Money family, old and new?

Also, will anyone go to a Cash Money concert if Weezy is not on the roster?

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think that the two men will hash out their straining issues? Or do you think money will be lost on this tour because Wayne isn’t going to show up?

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