Yvonne Orji Opens Up About Being A 32-Year-Old Virgin & All Those $ex Scenes on ‘Insecure’

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‘Insecure’ has vastly become one of the major black shows to watch in the last few months, with the social media community forming a close bond with all of the relatable characters that we see from each episode.

One of the popular characters on the show, Issa Rae’s lawyer and best friend Molly, which is played by Yvonne Orji, is best known for her romantic perspective when it comes to dating. However, she recently revealed that she is actually a 32-year-old virgin… In real life!

During her appearance on The Breakfast Club, Orji admitted that she has yet to be $exually liberated, unlike her character because she is not yet active.

“I’m a virgin now, yeah,” she told DJ Envy. “I’m a virgin-virgin… I’ve never [m@sturbated]. I promise you.”

When questioned about whether she is somehow ashamed of her decision to stay a virgin, the actress simply said that she is 100% secure in her chice.

“I’m proud of it,” she said. “Why not? The same way people know somebody who had a one night stand, it’s like, you can say that and I can say, ‘No, I actually haven’t.”

After Orji was asked if she ever wanted to engage in intercourse, she did admit with a smile, “I absolutely do.”

The actress also opened up about how she delivers those intimate scenes on the show, admitting that they do have a profound affect on her once the director yells “cut.”

“Molly be poppin’,” she said. “What’s funny is like it really does get in your spirit… We did a bulk of our sex scenes on the same day and I remember going home like, ‘Who I got in my phone, though?’ because this dude was just on top of me.”

Orji also makes it clear that she does have intimate thoughts, and simply says: “I’m a virgin, not a mannequin challenge.”

Watch the gorgeous actress talk about how getting saved led her to maintaining her virginity, below:

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Do you think you could wait?

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