Young M.A. The Scammer? Party Promoter Says She Robbed Him of $33,000

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Young M.A is what some would consider to be a rising star, meanwhile, others consider her to be nothing more than a one-hit-wonder.

Though her song “Ooouuu” went viral just months ago, it looks as if she has already created some major enemies. A New Orleans concert promoter (shown in the video above) is now extremely angry with the female M.C. after he made claims that she’d allegedly robbed him of $33,000.

Apparently, she was booked for an appearance in NOLA and abruptly left the show without giving a performance, or any explanation.

Just this past Sunday (November 27th), the concert promoter, who calls himself Winston of Tank Dawg Records, took to his social media sites to expose M.A. for allegedly scamming him out of his money. According to the New Orleans promoter, the Brooklyn-native refused to walk into the venue because she didn’t think there were enough people present.

Once Winston requested to get his money back, he says that Young M.A., as well as her management team, quickly hopped on the first flight out of town. He also claims that she’d performed another show in a different city the next day.

“Young M.A had a nasty attitude the whole time,” said Winston in the video above. “I called her about my back end because she didn’t show. She ran to the airport with her management team. They stop answering the phone.”

“I want my motherf—ing money, M.A” he angrily states. “Me and my team Tank Dawg Records want our motherf—ing money.”

Winston then posted a second video of he and his crew holding guns, demanding that she pay back the $33,000. It looked as if he was serious, however, M.A. still has yet to comment on the allegations that have been made about her ditching the show and taking the money.

We do hope that this can all end on a much more friendly note, because if not, then we have no idea what could take place next.

Check out these other clips and tell us what you think. Was Young M.A. wrong?

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