Tamar Braxton Professes Her Love For Vince & We Are Crying Over It

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Tamar Braxton was recently seen showing her hubby some love just this past Thanksgiving weekend and I don’t know how we missed one of their most adorable moments.

In the midst of the holiday season, great food and time with family, the ‘Braxton Family Values’ star took to her Instagram account where she’d spoke on her eight-year anniversary with husband, manager and the father of her child, Vincent Herbert. She left this heartfelt message:

“Happy 8th anniversary to my best and sometimes only friend,” Tamar shared Saturday afternoon as she performed a song for her main man. “My husband, my manager, agent and Best baby daddy on the planet.”

She added, “We may not have the picture perfect marriage but what WE see in each other is perfection. I love you forever. Cheers to 800 more years.”

Tamar’s words only come shortly after a year of speed bumps with Herbert, her career and so much more.
Earlier this summer, the two of them were faced with a dilemma in their marriage, however, she’d later taken it upon herself to shut down the rumors and make it clear that they were still happy and still in love.
The ‘Love & War’ singer had also been unexpectedly fired from her daytime talk show gig, ‘The Real,’ which is now looking for a new co-host. It was alleged that the production team informed her husband of the news so that he could deliver it to her.
Here is how she says that it all went down:
“He was just like, ‘I think you got fired, I think,'” Tamar said. “I’m like, ‘Whatchu talking about? Fired for what?’ My heart sunk into my shoes, really. I pretty much fell over.”

Ultimately, she and her husband have been able to move past that bad news and found the light at the end of the tunnel. Proclaiming that she is “so thankful” to share her life with her husband and son, Logan, we are hopeful that the two of them are blessed with many more years together.

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