Nicki Minaj Confirms Whether or Not She Really Wants To Date Young M.A.

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Nicki Minaj now claims that her recent words of praise for another fellow female rapper from New York, Young M.A., have been taken out of context and she is NOT here for it.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Minaj was asked how she felt about the current bunch of female rappers out there and mentioned that she has “a thing” for Young M.A., who just so happens to be openly gay.

It now looks like the fans took Minaj’s comment completely out of context, thinking that she had a crush on the young goat.

Even Young M.A. herself seemed a little bit confused on how to interpret the words.

“Yeah I heard Nicki Minaj, her interview on Hot 97,” M.A told Fuse. “I don’t wanna assume it’s that though, because people take things out of proportion or whatever.”

“I mean she did say ‘I have a thing for Young M.A’ but she didn’t purposely say ‘I want Young M.A’, so you know … I just hear that she’s showing love, giving props and showing respect as an OG. But even if she did mean it … Cool, you know what I mean?”

However, it now seems as though Minaj was only trying to give Young M.A. props, as she’d taken to her own Instagram account to remind everyone exactly who she really has “a THING” for and that just so happens to be her boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill.

Posting an image of the MMG rapper, she’d written: “I love a good joke, but s/o to the ONLY human I have a THING for. ?”

So we’re not going to see Hip Hop’s first all-girl power couple just yet.

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