M.I.A. Goes In On Beyoncé Being A Copy Cat & The Beyhive Comes For Her

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Musician M.I.A. has recently thrown some major shade at international stars, Beyoncé and Rihanna, in her new interview with Q Magazine, where she openly claims that they’ve stolen her style and failed to give her credit for it.

“I’m fine with Madonna or Beyoncé or Rihanna being ‘inspired’ by my work”, she said “But I would like them to then go, ‘Yeah, this immigrant who came out of nowhere influenced us, so maybe not all of them are f—ing terrible.”

“They don’t even think like that. They go ‘Yeah, maybe me stealing the stuff says she’s all right. She should be thankful we’re stealing it.’ But sometimes you just think, ‘F—, I have to pay some bills,’ you know?’”

M.I.A. continued on to say that she hasn’t been granted the advantages that some bigger names have received… Making it clear that she is self-made and self-paid.

“Beyoncé comes from the school of Michael Jackson-ness. Where the family built an entire world to support you. From when you were a child. I never had that luxury.”

“I’m just fodder,” she concluded. “A template for pop stars to create more content. We constantly feed the top of the pyramid.”

In response to what one can only assume is the backlash from these comments, M.I.A. tweeted “Industry offended I offended Beyoncé, then spent 6 months telling me they can’t market brown > LOLZ.”

So, I’m curious if you feel what M.I.A. is trying to say? Or do you think that she is just being a little too sensitive?

Comment below and tell us if you are down with M.I.A., Navy or the infamous Beyhive.


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