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Lisa Vidal Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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‘Being Mary Jane’ co-star Lisa Vidal is now opening up with the co-hosts of ‘The Real’ about her battle with breast cancer.

During an episode of the daytime talk show, Vidal spoke candidly about her diagnosis, and how she was fortunate enough to receive early detection in her battle when fighting against the disease.

“My diagnosis was invasive ductal carcinona. And here’s the thing, it’s so crazy because my mammogram showed nothing,” Vidal, 51, told the hosts.

“The reason I really wanted to talk about this, not only to share the experience, but to also say that early diagnosis is so crucial and mammograms don’t always find it.”

Her appearance marks the first time that Vidal has openly spoken about her diagnosis via television. The mother of three said that even though she has nothing against mammograms, it was a scheduled ultrasound that saved her life.

“A mammogram is like a snow storm and you’re trying to find a snowflake,” she says. “You don’t see it until it’s much worse and so that’s why I really, kind of, want to advocate for women to get ultrasounds and early detection and so that was my diagnosis. The good this was that it was treatable.”

Shortly after the teaser for the show was aired, Vidal took to her social media accounts to say, “Thank God caught it early!! God is so good!!”

Even though she has been tight-lipped about her battle with the illness, Vidal paid tribute to survivors in a recent  Instagram post.

“My #Love #Heart and #Prayers go out to everyone who’s life has been touched by #BreastCancer! Blessings to the #Heroes who have confronted it, looked it dead in the eye and beat it “With a stick”!!! We are True #Survivors!!! #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth,” she wrote alongside a photo showing a pink ribbon, with the words, “October is all about pink.”

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