Jackson Family Claps Back At James DeBarge

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We’d all watched in shock as James Debarge made an appearance on his daughter Kristina’s reality show, ‘Growing Up Hip-Hop,’ where he’d pled his case and openly discussed the allegations that have been circulating around the entertainment world of he and Janet Jackson allegedly having a secret daughter.

You may be able to recall that the couple wed back in 1984, however, they’d annulled their union only a year later.

For more than two decades, there have been rumors of Janet allegedly carrying a child, however, Debarge has recently taken it upon himself to increase the circulation of that rumor. He admits that he believed the rumors to be true after being contacted by a young lady who now claims to be Janet’s first child.

However, before your jaw drops, there are many reports that the Jackson family is now disputing Debarge’s story.

There is specifically a source of the Jackson family that has come forward and told HipHopHollywood owner Kevin Frazier, exclusively, that the “revelation” made by Debarge is completely false.

“This is a disturbed individual or a publicity stunt because it’s just not true.”

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Pretty sure not too many folks are buying anything James is selling anyway… And it probably doesn’t help much that images of Jackson’s niece Stevanna have begun to spread like wildfire on the World Wide Web due to the undeniable resemblance that the two of them share.

A lot of people, who want to believe that Janet and James have a daughter, have speculated that maybe Stevanna could be the child in question.

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Do you think this story is absolutely ridiculous? Or should Jackson at least take a paternity test?


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