Halle Berry Launches Lingerie Line In Celebration of Being 50 & Fine!

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It’s no secret that actress Halle Berry is one of the baddest women in Hollywood, even at the age of 50. However, we were all shocked and super excited to find out that the famous celeb was launching her very own lingerie line.

Keeping your self confident and reassured is one thing that many 50-year-old women may have a hard time with, and now Berry has given every woman of every age something to look forward to when putting on their undergarments in the morning.

This line will be launched next year, and it is going to be called ‘Scandale by Halle Berry.’

In some behind the scenes images that she’d posted to her social media sites, Berry showed her back turned to the camera, rocking a pair of her very own lace panties. According to the account, which has since been set to private, this brand will be in full launch in January of 2017.

But some of the biggest fans of the ‘Monster’s Ball’ actress are saying that Berry officially launched this line back in 2015.

In the caption for the teaser image, Berry wrote, “The big FIVE OH has taught me to be FEARLESS! I’m about to launch a lingerie line at 50. Here’s what I know for sure…it’s never too early or too late to do what EVER makes you happy.” Clearly, Ms. Berry knows that age is just a number, even if you happen to look totally ageless.

So, what are your thoughts on this new line? Think it will be sold out? And would you purchase? No matter what age you are?

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