Four Great Benefits To Having Children In Old Age

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It wasn’t long ago that black women were being told to listen to their biological clock before it is too late, however, it’s now safe to say that times have changed.

With different advancement opportunities taking place and women giving birth to healthier children as they age, many have now been able to shut down the myth that the older you get… the harder it will be.

As things have clearly changed, we are all beginning to realize more about motherhood than we thought we’d known. And we have also discovered that there are actually several benefits to being an older mommy.

From health benefits, to the jump-start of educating your child. Here are a few things that women should consider when giving birth at a more mature age.

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  1. Your kids will be taller. Don’t ask me how I know this, it’s just that statistics show that women who give birth later usually end up with children that are much taller than most. Some of the children even end up being taller than both of their parents.Image result for black kid school
  2. Children with older parents stay in school longer, will love to read and are more likely to have a broader vocabulary. These children are also more likely to attend college. parent-talking-to-teen
  3. Kiddos with more mature parents are more likely to want to hang out with their parents over other children. The reason for this is believed to be that children who are used to being around older people aren’t really all that great at having childish social skills. They have better conversations with older people.Image result for black kid relaxing
  4. Children who have older parents are those kids who are much more laid back than other children. Older people tend to keep a quiet and well-put together household, where as many younger parents don’t.

So, with those four tips to keep in mind, the next time that you are questioned about “when you are finally going to have a baby,” just show people this article and say no more.

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