Former Falcons Player Claims “Officer Kirby” Pulled A Gun On Here… Find Out Why

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Former Falcons football player Roddy White recently received two traffic tickets just this past Wednesday after he claims that he was pulled over by local East Atlanta police officers. One of the tickets was allegedly for speeding and the other was for expired tags. However, the tickets aren’t why the wide receiver is angry about the encounter.

White, 35, who is now a free agent after the Falcons let him go back in March of this year, claimed that he now plans to report a DeKalb County officer who, according to him, unnecessarily grabbed his gun as he’d proceeded to approach White’s vehicle.

Taking to his social media accounts, here is what White claimed took place on that Wednesday afternoon:

So I just got pulled over for speeding and my tag expired so I got 2 tickets which I wasn’t complaining about I gladly excepted them

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

But what I had a problem with is officer Kirby of the dekalb county police department bag #1970 I’m going to have to report this man

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

This officer got out his car and immediately unbutton his his strap on his gun and put his hand on his gun and came to my car wit his hand

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

On his gun like I was going to do something to him so I asked him why he had his hand on his gun the man said it was police procedure

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

So I said really and he said no it’s my procedure I than asked him why do u think I want to hurt you and he had no response I than said

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

It’s cops like you that makes this world a very ugly place its a good thing I already had all my information to give him or I could’ve died

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

On a routine traffic stop cause if u stopping me for speeding I don’t see a reason to grab your gun

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

But I am going to report officer Kirby for his action it may save the next black man’s life

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) November 16, 2016

The DeKalb County Police Department didn’t immediately issue a statement on what took place.

So, what are your thoughts on this situation? Do you believe White? We will bring more news as this story continues to unfold.

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