Did The Game Lose A $10 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit Simply Because He Failed To Show Up To Court?

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By, Jen Nicole

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Remember that $10 million lawsuit the The Game was facing against Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on his VH1 reality dating show, “She’s Got Game?”

Well, he just lost the lawsuit and from the looks of it, it was all because he didn’t show up to court!

“According to The Jasmine BRAND, the jury reached a verdict in favor of Rainey after four days of hearings, which began on Nov. 14. Rainey sued the Compton rapper in August 2015, accusing him of sexually assaulting her during the taping of the show. She said one night she went out on what she thought was a mandatory after-hours date with The Game at an Illinois bar. While there, he was reportedly drunk and high, and forcibly reached up her dress to rub her vagina and bottom. Rainey also said the rapper sexually assaulted her on several occasions that night. In her suit, she claimed to have suffered physical, emotional and psychological damages due to his actions.”- TheJasmineBRAND

Now remember The Game accused Rainey of lying and alleged that she was a prostitute with mental health issues. Remember he also said she was just trying to bank on her 15 minutes of fame from being on the show. Back in February, she won a default judgment after the rapper failed to respond to the initial suit. He later tried to get the lawsuit thrown out but a judge ordered him and Rainey to attempt to settle before the case went to trial.

So why did The Game miss his scheduled court appearance, which led him to lose the case against Rainey?

Sources close to The Game told Baller Alert that the rapper was ordered not to fly following an emergency dental procedure, which is why he was unable to make his scheduled court appearance.

The Game’s attorneys plan to appeal the judgement in hopes that the jury will understand why he couldn’t make it to court and in general, see things his way.

The Jasmine BRAND reports that the amount of damages The Game will have to pay Rainey has not been made public because it either hasn’t been filed yet or will be determined in a separate hearing.

Damn Game.

Source: balleralert.com

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