Derrick Rose Demands That Woman In Assault Case Pay His Lawyer’s Fees

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After being sued for a whopping $21.5 million during a federal civil trial over what one woman claims to be alleged assault, Knicks basketball player Derrick Rose is now seeking to get his money back for all those damn lawyer’s fees.

He wants a lumpsum of $70,000 from the woman who’d first filed the lawsuit against him.

Rose and two of his friends were cleared of all charges back in October of this year after the woman claims that the NBA veteran, as well as Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, drugged and r@ped her after she’d passed out in her Los Angeles apartment back in 2013.

The woman and Rose were in a relationship at the time of the alleged incident and he has since maintained that everything that happened on the night in question was consensual.

In recent court docs, which were obtained by ESPN, Rose’s legal team had revealed that the accuser is now planning to appeal the jury’s decision and even brought the woman’s claims of financial hardship into question.

“After a two-week jury trial, unanimous verdict and judgment in their favor on all nine claims, Mr. Rose, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Hampton are unquestionably the prevailing party entitled to the tiny fraction of the actual expenses they necessarily incurred in defending themselves against Plaintiff’s false claims against them,” the request for $70,000 in court costs read.

So, what are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think that the true victim is Rose? Or the woman who is now appealing her case and lawsuit?

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