David Otunga Claps Back At Ruthless Fans Who Come For Jennifer’s Edges

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We’d first reported that singer Jennifer Hudson had to take time out from her holiday to clap back at onlookers who’d made reference to her edges and hairstyle of choice for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is what happened:

“Tf she definitely woke up like that,” one rude commenter wrote, while another added, “bihhh I wouldn’t even send no photo looking like this damn no edges and all.” And it got worse from there.

Hudson had clearly had enough of the negative social commentary and took it upon herself to post a follow-up image, which showed off her little boy doing her hair.

The caption read: “Yal so damn pressed ! Relax and enjoy the holiday ! come on and eat this turkey now , before it get to cold ! I didn’t want no hair to get in the food , so I put it up! Lol.”

Check out the images that caused her to get roasted:


So, even though the comments were completely uncalled for, we were all wondering what does David Otunga, her fiancé and the father of her child, think of the famous singer’s hair and the fans who’d reacted?

The former wrestler responded to one fan after he’d retweeted a story from Bossip, which referred to her hair:


He responded:


Welp, that settles it. Seems as if Otunga isn’t here for the coonery or bafoonery.

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