Who Do They Think They Are? Bow Wow & Soulja Demand $200K For Club Appearance

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SMH… Who do they think they are?

Soulja Boy and Bow Wow recently dropped their collaborative mixtape for the internet fans, ‘Ignorant Sh*t,’ and since that release it has been discovered that the two young celebs have taken it upon themselves to live by the title of their latest project.

Taking to his Instagram, Bow Wow posted a video of himself and his album partner, Soulja Boy, acting out a negotiation between the two of them and a club promoter, however, the big deal wasn’t necessarily because they were talking into a stack of money.

The two rappers were seen trying to work out a figurative deal and their demands for club appearances is, to say the least, a bit outrageous. Soulja claimed that he makes at least $250,000 a show, so that is why he believed that the two of them should get a whopping $200,000 for a joint performance at any club.

HA! That’s a good one.

Check out their shenanigans below.

It’s no surprise that people are looking at the two of them like they’re crazy.

After claiming that he was retiring from rap, Bow Wow then came out of no where claiming that he and Soulja Boy were going to drop a joint album on October 25th. The album was dropped and here were people’s reactions:

“Bow Wow & Soulja Boy project… the best idea of 2007…”

“Soulja Boy a legend… Bow Wow not so much!”

“Why soulja boy and bow wow just drop a mix tape? I’m so done.”

The 11-track tape, ‘Ignorant Sh*t,’ was definitely a wild card of a release, and people via Twitter aren’t absolutely sure as to what they should do with it besides poke fun, while there are others who are willing to admit that it was actually a good release.

This project only comes about eight years after Soulja and Bow had first linked up to create the hit song, ‘Marco Polo.’ The song ended up being dismissed from Bow Wow’s ‘New Jack City II’ album after a very public feud that took place shortly after they’d recorded together.

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Are Bow Wow and Soulja Boy thinking too big?

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