Jahiem Threatens to Beat The Breaks Off Of Charlamagne Tha God & Here’s Why

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The internet went in on rapper Yung Joc for his choice of a relaxed hairstyle, however, it now seems that singer Jahiem has now taken his place when rocking a questionable new look.

After debuting his new hairdo via social media, Jahiem felt the wrath of the World Wide Web and has been getting roasted all week.

Here is some of the hilarious slander and Jaheim’s sassy responses.

Jaheim hairdo trolls 1
Jaheim hairdo trolls 2
Jaheim hairdo trolls 3
Jaheim hairdo trolls 4
Jaheim hairdo trolls 5
Jaheim hairdo trolls 6

He even clapped back at Baller Alert after catching wind of their shade.

Jaheim hairdo baller alert

After engaging in a war of words with the whole entire internet, the ‘Age Ain’t A Factor’ singer was later named as Charlamgne Tha God’s ‘Donkey of the Day’ for Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

Though the radio personality did give Jahiem credit for his ‘Struggle Love’ record, he did admit that he was not impressed with the singer’s choice of hairstyle.

“I am highly amused by Jaheim saying he misses struggle love because yesterday on social media Jaheim displayed a hairstyle that looks like someone’s still going through the struggle…He just got his hair laid,” Charlamagne said. “And he is in bed with the silk bonnet on. If you don’t got a silk bonnet on, he slept with his hand on his neck to not let his head touch the pillow.”

He’d later explained why Jaheim received ‘Donkey of the Day’:

“Now, the reason Jaheim is getting Donkey of the Day is not because of his hairstyle,” the radio host said. “He’s a grown ass man. He can wear his hair however he wants…The reason he is getting Donkey of the Day is because all day yesterday and even right now…he’s been going back and forth with a bunch of people. Probably 80 percent kids. About his hair on social media.”

Issuing a clapback, Jahiem informed Charlamagne that he’s prepared to beat the radio personality until he’s “the color purple” over his remarks.

And a back-and-forth with the radio personality ensued.

Charlamagne Jaheim 1
Charlamagne Jaheim 2
Charlamagne Jaheim 3

Though everything has seemed to calm down between the two men, it will be interesting to see if they ever come face-to-face with one another.

Who do you think will win that brawl? Comment below.

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