Is Kris Jenner Paying Tyga Off To Stay Faithful To Kylie?

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Some rumors can be so ridiculous.

I’d recently come across a report the Kris Jenner was paying Tyga to stay committed to Kylie Jenner. I never posted the story because, to be quite frank, it sounded stupid.

Kris Jenner is NOT paying Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, rapper Tyga, just so that he will stay committed to her. Despite the ridiculous tabloid story, Gossip Cop recently gave an exclusive, saying that it was all fake.

According to OK! Magazine, the father of King Cairo has had his “fair share of financial snafus,” which is what recently led his model girlfriend into being “summoned to testify about gifts from her beau” as part of a recent lawsuit that he’d received from a Beverly Hills jeweler.

The jeweler had made claims that the rapper currently owes him a whopping $270,000.

This magazine publication alleges that family matriarch Kris Jenner is now “stepping in” to his legal issues and had allegedly “agreed to cover Tyga’s debts,” for something in return, of course.

A “source” told the site that Kris wanted Tyga’s “word that he’ll stay committed to her daughter” and “stay out of her bank account,” only in exchange for him to not drag Kylie into his own legal battles.

The questionable source also claims that “Kylie wants to marry Tyga,” so Kris wanted to “guarantee his loyalty.”

Reps from the famous Kardashian/Jenner family have now made it clear that the claims are absolutely “ridiculous” and the “momager” is not attempting to cover Tyga’s debts in return for his commitment to her youngest daughter.

OK! Has had a very long history of giving out false reports, so it is no shocker that this story has allegedly come from their publication. It’s obvious that someone got bored and decided to start some mess.

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Does this sound like something that Kris would do? Or do you think that she has a little more sense than that?


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