Condoleezza Rice Claps Back At Donald Trump & His Racist Supporters

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Condoleezza Rice recently had some brutal words for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his millions of foolish supporters.

In the statement that was released via her Facebook page, the former Secretary of State made it clear that enough was enough and “Donald Trump should not be President.”

She continued on to say that “he should withdraw.”

Rice, a black Republican, wants someone better from her party as a presidential candidate: “As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth.”

The former member of the Bush administration, also made sure not to attend the Republican National Convention that took place this year.

Her sentiments come only after the recent revelation where Trump bragged about groping women, saying that he would grab them “right in the p*ssy.” He’d also admitted that there is video footage from ‘The Apprentice’ of him saying the n-word.
This particular situation seems to hit closer to home for Rice, being that she was the United States’ very first black female Secretary of State. She is the second black Secretary of State, coming right behind Collin Powell, who’d actually quit his job during the Bush administration.
Being that Condoleezza is not on the side of Trump could that mean something? She won’t represent him and it is obvious as to why. However, are you shocked?
Some have felt that the intelligent black woman was a political puppet for some time, but it looks as if she has now found her own voice.
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