Ciara Just Might Lose Her $15 Million Lawsuit Against Future & Here’s Why

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The parents of Future Zahir, rapper Future and singer Ciara, have been going at it quite a bit this year, at least as far as their legal battle is concerned.

Just recently the famous pop singer took a loss that just might make her battle against her ex-fiancé even more difficult. As reports have claimed, a judge has now ruled that Future’s tweets are not a good enough reason to back up her claims that he’d allegedly defamed her character.  

According to the report, the judge in their case ruled in Future’s favor and declared that his social media rants are not valid or admissible in court.

One of his tweets in particular, “this b***h got control problems,” was one that Russell Wilson’s wife had cited as a comment that she’d had a major problem with.

The judge ruled that the tweets “aren’t libelous” on their face.

Essentially, what all of this means for Ciara, is that she is going to have her work cut out for her when it comes to proving that Future has damaged her career.

This expensive $15 million lawsuit will remain ongoing until they can come to a conclusion, which means that the two of them are technically still going at it. However, rapper Future did claim that he is ready to get this situation over with so that he can move on with his life.

What are your thoughts on these two parents fighting? Do you think they need to just get over it and move on? Who’s fault is it in your opinion? Is Ciara being a bit dramatic when it comes to this $15 million suit?

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