Stevie J. Announces That He Is Heading to Jail & Here’s Why

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‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ reality star Stevie J is a man with a very large offspring. Having five children, and possibly another on the way with Joseline Hernandez, it really does suck that he is now on his way to jail for child support and could possibly miss the birth of his sixth baby.

The television personality announced the news of his going away just this past Thursday after a child support case ruling.

“Not playing no games,” he says. “No fakes no phonies real ni**as only. Shout out to my reals ones locked up. #freefaceoff #freecoreyjacobs #freeloon #freedevaloso #Freelenlo bout to do this time starting next week, sum thing light for this child support case. My kids love me & I love them & that’s all that matters. Period. Fake industry ni**as stand clear Danger Zone only! Trust no one.”Image result for stevie j and his children


In another post he says, “Enjoy life while you can. U.S. Government vs. STEVEN JORDAN @barackobama”

According to Bossip, Stevie J (real name Steven Jordan), was battling a seven figure sum in owed back child support for two of his children, a son, who is now 18, and a daughter, who is now 17.

From Bossip:

“According to court papers obtained by BOSSIP, Stevie was supposed to pay $8,557 a month for the kids, and as of 2014, owed $1,107,412. The reality star had unsuccessfully tried to apply for “deferred prosecution,” where he’d essentially get off in exchange for him agreeing to certain terms from the government. But lawyers for the feds revealed that the government rejected Stevie’s request, and a judge scheduled it for trial in December.”

On a more positive note, Jordan and DJ Khaled were recently awarded a BMI for their hard work on Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Chris Brown’s hit song, “All Eyes On You.”

So, Natural Beauties, what are your thoughts on this situation? Should Jordan have to go to jail? Think it’s only fair?

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