Pebbles Permitted to Sue Viacom & TLC For $40 million

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An Atlanta federal judge has recently ruled that R&B musical girl group TLC’s creator and former manager Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid can now proceed with her case to sue Viacom for allegedly defaming her character back in 2013 with the premiere of their VH1 biopic, ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.’

Viacom filed a motion just last year, which stated that Reid had no case against them, however, the judge ruled against it just this past Thursday. Reid signed the famous girl group back in 1991, and TLC then went on to become one of the biggest selling female acts of our generation, with popular hits like ‘Waterfalls’ and so many others.

They’d later filed for bankruptcy, and the movie claims that Reid was the reason for it, allegedly only paying them $25 a week.

She is now seeking $40 million in damages.

Reid’s lawyer, Stacey Godfrey Even, claims that “we are thrilled with this major win against Viacom and look forward to justice . . . Ms. Reid worked hard to ensure the success of TLC, and she is ready to present that story to a jury. The negative portrayal of her in the TLC movie is simply not the truth.”

A spokesperson for Viacom claims that “ ‘CrazySexyCool’ was a docudrama about the experiences of the members of TLC told from their perspective. We are confident that our First Amendment rights to tell this story will ultimately be vindicated, although we are disappointed that the court chose not to dismiss the entire case on summary judgment.”

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