Marc Jacobs Catches Heat After White Models Wear “Street” Hairstyles

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Once again, it now seems that there are more white people who just don’t get it!

Marc Jacobs is catching lots of backlash this week after his most recent New York Fashion Week fashion show where his presentation has left the fashion world talking – however, they aren’t talking because of the clothing that the runway models wore. They are actually rightfully upset because his newest collection consisted of white models wearing what we would consider to be “black hairstyles.”

As part of his Thursday show, the designer sent out a cast of predominately white models who wore multi-colored wool faux dreadlocks.

The interesting choice of hairstyle, which he should have known better than to reveal, is no different from 2015 when we all remembered how white models were forced to wear bantu knots in their hair.

While it may be true that locks have been linked as a part of many other cultures, their stamp is embedded in the black culture for a manageable means of protecting the hair, it also stands as a symbol of pride in a white-washed society that chastises African-Americans for their hair texture.

People were upset because the locks weren’t only presented, they were overwhelmingly shown in a large white lineup of models who took it upon themselves to appropriate our black culture. Paulau omitted black culture as being one of the inspirations for the show. Check out what he had to say and tell me what you think:

“The interesting thing about Marc is how he takes something so street and so raw, and because of the coloration of the hair and the makeup, it becomes a total look. Something that we’ve bypassed on the street and not really looked at, or seen a million times, he makes us look at it again in a much more sophisticated and fashionable way.”

I just think that it’s interesting how once something is worn by the majority white race of our society it is then considered to be “sophisticated” or “fashionable” after being co-opted by white tastemakers.

I know you have some thoughts on this one. Tell me what you guys think…

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