Ed Hartwell Calls Cops on Keshia Knight-Pulliam’s Mother: Find Out Why

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This past Labor Day weekend was allegedly super stressful for pregnant celebrity Keshia Knight-Pulliam.

According to news from Page Six, authorities were called to the Atlanta home of the child star and actress by her soon-to-be ex-husband, Ed Hartwell, after her mother had allegedly refused to let the former NFL star into their home to retrieve some of his things.

According to a source, Hartwell had allegedly arrived at their Sandy Springs home on Sunday morning to collect his belongings. Hartwell’s stuff was packed into a few bags and boxes and left in the garage of the home, however, he claims that some of his stuff was missing and that was his reasoning for trying to go inside.

Knight-Pulliam wasn’t home at the time, but her mom claims that she left very specific instructions to not let the father of her unborn child in the house. One of Hartwell’s friends says that he’d called the police so they could help him get the rest of his stuff and escort him out.

“It hurt his feelings,” said an insider, “It’s just Keshia being petty.”

With the estranged celebrity couple’s baby due any day now, we sure are hopeful that things between the two of them don’t have to continue to get worse from here.

The two of them have done several interviews where they have attempted to tell their own side of the story as to why their surprise marriage had only lasted for seven months and now we are still seeing them go back and forth.

Let’s just wish the two of them nothing but the best for their own co-parenting relationship and for the relationship that the two of them can have with their child.

Comment your thoughts below. Was Keshia being petty? Or could you care less?

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