White Women & Everyone Else… Leave Chris Brown Alone & Let Him Live!

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It is true that Chris Brown does have a troubled history, however, people need to leave him alone!

The woman at the center of all of the recent controversy, which soon ended with Brown being arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, told ‘Good Morning America’ that her experience was allegedly terrifying.

Baylee Curran, who claims that she was a guess at the superstar’s home, told the morning show hosts that Brown allegedly pointed a gun at her face after he’d become angry that she complimented another man’s jewelry.

Which sounds absolutely ridiculous.

Brown’s reps didn’t respond to the news immediately after ABC News reached out to them for comment. His attorney called Curran’s allegations “false” in a tweet that was sent out early on Wednesday morning.

Curran, of course, spoke with ABC News about the incident that she is claiming took place at the singers home and she also opened up about her emotions after everything that she claims took place: .

“I didn’t want anything to escalate because, hello, he’s holding a gun to me,” Curran said.

“I was just standing over it admiring it. Not touching it…and then one of Chris’s friends says back away from the diamond,” Curran claimed. “That’s when Chris came in and said ‘I’m so sick of all of you people.’ He took the gun out put it in my face and said ‘get the F out.'”

When Brown allegedly pulled out the gun, Curran claims that she was “terrified, absolutely terrified,” adding that “I thought he was going to shoot me.”

Curran’s call to the cops is what led to an alleged 14-hour standoff, according to the Assosciated Press. During that time, Brown took to his social media to maintain his innocence.

The situation unfortunately ended with Brown if cuffs.

“You’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing,” he said in a video posted to Instagram.

Police still have yet to confirm any of the details that are currently surrounding the alleged altercation, but they did describe Brown as being very “cooperative.”

He has since been released on a $250,000 bail, according to jail records. His next court date will be set for September 20th.

In an unrelated incident back in New York, Curran was taken in for questioning in a grand larceny case, where she’d allegedly stole a Michael Kors wallet from a friend back in 2013. According to NYPD records, she and another woman were both accused of taking a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag from another friend.

The Miss California Regional Pageant Organization also sent a statement to ABC News, making “clear Miss Curran is not a reigning title holder.”

“Miss Curran has been dethroned as of July this year due to a breach of contract. Baylee Curran has been asked numerous times to return her crown/sash which she has refused to do,” the organization said. “We do not condone the alleged actions of Mr. Brown or his associates, however, Miss Curran has incorrectly identified herself as Miss California Regional.”

The pageant cited behavior “not befitting a queen,” as to why she was dethroned.

So, what are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think people just need to leave Brown alone?

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