Jhonni Blaze Gets Teeth Knocked Out By Boyfriend & Posts Images of The Abuse

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‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Jhonni Blaze has recently released a few photos allegedly showing a beating that she is claiming to have received from her ex-boyfriend, a beating that left the singer bruised up with a broken tooth.

The reality star of the new ‘Love & Hip Hop: Houston’ took to her social media accounts just this past Wednesday to claim that her ex allegedly pushed a bottle into her mouth and knocked her front teeth out. When Blaze didn’t name her attacker, she then liked his Instagram page and called him out in a lengthy description, according to BET.

“I guess I pushed the bottle in my own mouth @misterstarquality you took my password to my social media had my phone password tried to take over my whole life and destroy my as a person choken me for 12 seconds and thought flowers were ok to do everyone saying where my bruises LOOK AT MY F*****G MOUTH!”
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Blaze went on to make claims that she’d decided to call the cops after the incident, however, pushed some other allegations on him as well saying that he’d “told me to kill myself” and that when she almost did die from her own suicide attempt, “you snapped a picture and sent it to the blogs and pretended not to know what it came from.”There has already been much attention given to the troubled relationship since Blaze’s alleged suicide attempt back in July. A report from Starcasm made claims that she’d tried to take her own life while in the middle of filming for the latest franchise of the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ brand.

A tweet from Love & Hip Hop insider Fameolous claimed that she”attempted suicide over her boyfriend, who has put her through hell.”

Blaze has never been a stranger to controversy, even prior to the recent images that were posted, showing her knocked out teeth.

Just last year she’d decided to share nude images of herself after getting a boob job and even spoke with VladTV about her own decision to get liposuction, saying she wasn’t feeling any pressure and did it for herself.

“The two main reasons I’m going for surgery again is because I have gained weight and I’m going to the gym now and I just want to go back for myself to slim back down because I have gained weight due to depression when my dude passed away. I gained the weight over the time and not caring about myself as much as my image.”

She’d also spoke with VladTV about appearing in a $ex tape that she claims was never supposed to be released:

“I’m very sarcastic, joking-wise I guess you could say, but I mean the tape was never supposed to be leaked. Was something that I felt once it came out, I would never try to hide anything from people … so why not embarrass myself and put everything out.”

“Whether you think it sucked or whatever, whether it makes you not want to date me that’s great because now it’s less guys wanting to talk to me.”

We are hopeful that Blaze will keep herself out of trouble and out of the negative spotlight. Comment your thoughts below and tell us what you think…


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