Police Are Planning To Arrest Tons Of Rappers At The B.E.T. Awards… Here’s Why

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According to Complex.com, the Los Angeles Police Department has just briefed their officers on Lil’ Wayne’s favorite drink, lean. And they are now insisting that it has nothing to do with this weekend’s popular BET Awards Show.

Yeah right!

According to TMZ, LAPD sources claim that they were given the 411 on the codeine-containing cough syrup, which is allegedly the drug of choice for many of today’s rap stars. They also were allegedly taught how it is mixed, what it would smell like, and exactly how they would be able to recognize it – coincidentally just in time for one of the biggest and blackest award shows of the year.

However, the LAPD is claiming that the BET Awards have absolutely nothing to do with their very timely briefing, because they had no idea that the awards were coming this soon… Yeah, okkkkaaayyyy.

TMZ did point out that one of the divisions where a “lean” meeting took place is pretty close to the Microsoft Theater, exactly where the BET Awards will be held this Sunday. They also note that the officers within the Hollywood Division weren’t given the briefing, even though the LAPD does insist that those officers are very much so, well versed in the knowledge of lean.

The drug has been widely believed to have originated in Houston, Texas, the home of Beyonce, where rappers would allegedly mix cough syrup with their favorite soft drink – mainly Sprite. The Codeine and promethazine in the drink is supposed to produce a lethargic and euphoric sensation; however, this particular drug has been linked to several high profile rappers. Some allegedly including DJ Screw, Pimp C and Lil’ Wayne. Pimp C and DJ Screw both passed away and some believe that lean was the cause of death.

So, what are your thoughts on this situation? Think the police are simply profiling, as they usually do?

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