Has Beyoncé Truly Forgiven Her Father Or Are Those Instagram Pics Just A Front?

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It seems that Beyonce may still have daddy issues with her father, Mathew Knowles.

It looks as if things are all forgiven with her famous rapper and music mogul husband Jay-Z, however, nothing has seemed to quite work out with Mathew Knowles, the father and former manager of global entertainer Beyonce. According to a source, he is still having trouble trying to get back into his daughter’s good graces and that is honestly no surprise.

Rhymes With Snitch reports from the June 27th print edition of Star Magazine:

“Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, has made a point of saying he and his famous daughter have mended their fractured bond, but sources say he hasn’t been fully welcomed back into Queen B’s kingdom after alledgely embezzling her money and having a love child with a mistress.”

“There is communication but hardly the happy family connection they once had,” says the source. “Mathew has said he wants to get to know his granddaughter, [Blue Ivy], so Beyoncé has agreed and is taking baby steps. But she doesn’t trust him.”

Mathew Knowles has made somewhat of a spectacle of his family with all of the craziness that has seemed to surround him, as well as his private life… Which has nothing to do with his famous daughter, but she still seems to catch a lot of flak for. So, it does suck that people seem to hold her somewhat responsible for her father’s irresponsible and sneaky decisions.

Can you blame her for this one? Just think about how long it would probably take to forgive your father if he’d possibly stolen money from you and had two other children with different women during the time that he’d been married to your mother?

Just reflect on that one and get back with us by commenting your thoughts in the comment section below…

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