You Wont Believe What A New Study Found In Hamburgers

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By, Jen Nicole

Now I know everyone likes a good burger every once and a while from one of their favorite fast food joints but you have to realize that the meat you are eating is not the best if it cost $1-5. Now, I am sure you probably know this, but do you really know what you are eating, is the question.
A new study from US-based food testing company Clear Labs of 258 burgers in the US finds unexpected additional – and lack of – ingredients.
Oh and by the way thats just the pretty way of saying THIS: From that sample of 258 burgers, there were two cases of meat in vegetarian products, three burgers with rat DNA and one case of human DNA.
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Yes you heard that right, you may be eating someone you may have known! lol Is this why us Americans- especially have become more hostile? Because we are eating human meat so much and have essentially become cannibals?
The reports says:
“The most likely cause for the above findings is hair, skin, or fingernail that was accidentally mixed in during the manufacturing process,” it read, referring to the human DNA.

“What many consumers don’t know is that some amounts of human and rat DNA may fall within an acceptable regulatory range,” the report added. WOW. Keep eating that Mc Donalds y’all! lol

Okay seriously though, is anyone really surprised? The standards for our food have gone down dramatically like twenty-thirty years ago! Also shouts out to my vegetarians, but I know you are mad about the fact that two veggie burgers contained beef, and one black bean burger contained no black beans. It’s also worth noting that 12 burgers in the study contained at least 100 more calories than on the label as well. It’s like we buy these products thinking that what the labels say is true and thats not always the case. Also just so you are aware you can sue companies for lying on the labels if you can prove they lied.
Another problem is that 4.3 percent of burgers contained pathogenic DNA, which can cause food outbreaks and food poisoning. 
So in 2016, they are making our food pretty much the least expensive way(including cloning) and least safe way possible and charging more money for it and we are continuing to eat this crap! Well hopefully not anymore. I hope this article helped at least some of you. Save yourselves now, eat clean, your body will love you for it. 



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