People On Food Stamps In Los Angeles Have Just Gained More Benefits, Here’s How

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By, Jen Nicole

There are 46.5 million plus individuals on food stamps in America (roughly 22.7 million households) receiving an average benefit of $123.74 each (around $257 per household).

Being that the average benefit is $123.74, which is not a lot of money, due to the rising increase in food prices; it is often difficult for people living off of food stamps to maintain a healthy diet. Well Los Angeles, has just made this possible.

In a unanimous vote done last Friday, the council instructed the city attorney to write an ordinance requiring all 57 farmers markets within the city limits to accept CalFresh Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, formerly known as food stamps.

The measure was introduced by Councilman José Huizar in partnership with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, the Los Angeles Community Action Network and Hunger Action LA, is a huge victory for people who want to be able to buy affordable fresh food and be able to pay for it with their food stamp card.

In a statement, Huizar called the vote “a small action that will have a huge impact for individuals and families citywide.”

Previously, more than 50% of farmers markets in the city were not equipped to accept EBT cards.

Love it! Now lets get the housing prices down and were in business LA! lol 


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