Find Out How This Amazing Father Saved His 13-Year-Old Daughter From An Addicted Predator

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Antione Martin did what any good father would if they’d had any reason to suspect an adult male may have been using social media to sleep with their 13-year-old daughter: he set up his own sting operation in order to catch the predator, according to Detroit media outlets.

Martin took it upon himself to responsibly monitor his daughter’s Facebook page and read her messages, as well as her posts. That was when he’d suddenly stumbled over a grown man who seemed to take a great liking to his teenage daughter. He says that he kept seeing inappropriate comments from the male via social media.

The Detroit father realized that it was time for him to step in and assume the role of his daughter, in order to catch the predator. Baiting the man by having him come over to his home, that was when the man, who’d expected to meet a child, actually met her father, who was about the same size as him.

Learning that it was a sting, the suspect quickly began to fess up to his wrong doing, telling Martin exactly what he’d planned to do with his daughter.

“He said he has a problem, he had a thirst is what he said, and that he was going to try to get help and this would be the last time,” Martin explained. “That’s just unacceptable.”

Martin, who’d called the police, said that he didn’t set up the sting just to catch the man for his own daughter, but for other men’s daughters as well. “I had to make sure that this stops.”

The man also confessed that he and his family are very involved with the local Boys and Girls Club, and that is how he’d met Martin’s child.

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