The Woes Of Being Black: Cops Drag Man From His Car And Taser Him For Playing Loud Music

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By, Jen Nicole

The Arkansas cops in this clip have nothing else to do but come into a predominately Black area and attempt to write a black man a citiation for playing loud music. Wow. Then his brakes apparently don’t work, which honestly (I don’t understand, how he is driving a car with faulty breaks) and his car starts rolling, and then the cops run to his car to tell him to get out of the car and since he doesn’t do it in a millisecond, they pull him out of the car. Totally barbaric.

Seems like so many of us Black people just can’t enjoy life, without the cops everywhere trying come and ruin our mornings, days and nights. This man apparently has one leg from what people were saying in the video. I just can’t. Black people, this is why we must know the law and we must SUE- everytime this happens, to send a message that we will not take this abuse lying down any longer. There will always be a lawyer willing to take on your case, regardless if you have the money or not, they will take their payment from you when they WIN your case.

The cop says to bystanders in the video it’s not like this is random and we just attacked him out of nowhere. BUT as we all know, if the cops wanted to go about this situation differently, they could have, regardless if his car rolled a little or not. Lets not forget we have seen the cops have more patience and even be accommodating with most White people they are citing or arresting for any reason, than the black people they deal with, doing the most minor offenses. Watch this video HERE for an example. Now, if you watched the video, you know if that guy were Black they wouldn’t have spent almost 15 minutes actually fighting with him, or tasing him- they would have SHOT him. This has been proven time and time again as well. 

But, back to the main story, in the video many bystanders (all black people) attempt to talk to the cops- as if the cops care. You can’t try and rationalize with your oppressor, they don’t care what oppressed people think or say! Then they illegally searched this mans car, after they hauled him off to jail. Wow. Violation, upon violation of this mans rights.

This is why these body cameras are so important. 

The video is 21 minutes, but the cops are aware there were like 30 cameras recording the incident- which they spoke about in the video. You can watch the video HERE.


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