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Video Shows Relatives Pleading with Doctor Not to Amputate a Grandmother’s Foot Oozing Pus

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By Victor Ochieng

A video has emerged of a family begging a doctor not to amputate an elderly woman’s foot. The foot was seriously disfigured due to decomposition and was oozing pus.

The decomposed part of the foot had a horrible gash at the top that was eating through the woman’s flesh and turning the surrounding areas black. The open area also had some green and yellow patches oozing and maggots were busy eating away the rotten flesh. Some parts of the rotting foot had been eaten so badly that bone is exposed.

The video was first posted on LiveLeak and there are speculations that it was captured in a South American country.

It shows relatives of the grandmother pleading that the elderly woman’s foot not to be amputated, but instead saved.

The doctor is seen explaining to one of the relatives, identified as the elderly woman’s son, that the foot will have to be cut since there was evidently no blood circulation in the rotten area.

Aware of how badly the flesh has been eaten, the relatives plead with the doctor to only remove the bad flesh and leave the bone, but the doctor tells them that wouldn’t be possible either.

“It’s not the same as peeling a banana, to peel a foot,” the doctor is heard saying in the video.

The doctor further explains to them that to avoid the decomposition from spreading to other areas of the foot, the best thing to do is to amputate the foot.

The video has already registered more than 40,000 views.

Many internet users have blasted the family of the elderly woman for letting the foot rot to that extent before doing something about it.

One user on DailyMail UK simply asked: “Where were these concerned relatives while her feet were rotting?”

Another user on the same platform asked: “Why did the relatives let the wound get that bad before going to a doctor???”

“Often times patients watch their wounds get worse before seeking medical attention. It’s a shame because with all the advances in lower limb salvage, many legs are just too far gone to be saved,” wrote another.




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