Buffalo State College basketball player, 21, dies in suspected hazing incident after being ‘made to drink detergent or sewer water’

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By Nigel Boys

Bradley D’Oyley, a 21-year-old Brooklyn, New York-native, who was a business major at Buffalo State College, has died after falling ill during what police are investigating as a possible off-campus fraternity house hazing incident.

Although D’Oyley was not a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house, evidence concludes that he may have begun the pledging process. Police are now looking into the possibility of foul play.

The fraternity national governing body, along with the college, has suspended the off-campus chapter in Buffalo, pending an investigation, according to the Daily Mail.

“He had not completed the application process with the national fraternity,” said a spokesperson for the school, confirming that Bradley was not pledging to the fraternity, WKBW-ABC reports. However, some students refute those claims, stating they believe that during some form of hazing ritual, the business major was forced to drink something untoward.

“I was in the weight room and heard he was pledging and was made to drink some type of toxic substance,” Bengal football player Dametrius Brown told the Buffalo News. “I keep hearing different stories. First it was detergent then some said sewer water,” he adds.

“His loss will undoubtedly be felt throughout our community,” said Buffalo State President Katherine Conway-Turner. “My heart goes out to his cherished family and friends,” she added.

“Buffalo State College is aware of and continues to support the City of Buffalo Police Department’s investigation into an allegation of hazing involving Alpha Phi Alpha and Bradley D’Oyley at an off-campus location,” said Conway-Turner in a statement acknowledging the hazing allegation. “While the investigation is conducted, the campus chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha has been suspended by both the college and the fraternity’s national governing body,” she added.

Police asked that while the incident is still in the investigative stage, people reserve judgment until more facts are known about the case. They added that while an autopsy has been completed, the cause of death has yet to be determined.

The business student and former basketball player for the school had reportedly gone to the hospital last month after complaining of not feeling well. He was due to graduate this spring, the Buffalo News reported.

“He called me from the hospital January 29 to say he felt sick,” said Buffalo State men’s basketball coach, Fajri Ansari.

“He thought it might have been something bad he ate,” Ansari continued. “He had a great spirit. We still considered him part of our family. He was a great teammate,” he added.

Ansari went on to say that he had spoken with D’Oyley after he was discharged from hospital, but he was readmitted again later. He added that while he, along with the student’s friends and acquaintances were shaken by his death, he would not comment on the allegation of hazing.

“He was outgoing. He had positive energy all the time. He was always upbeat,” said student Monique Maxwell, as she and two friends wept for D’Oyley in the Student Life offices at the college’s Campbell Student Union. “Even if you weren’t friends with him, you knew him because of the way he was,” she added.



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