SMH! Rumor Has It That Tyga Cheated With A Girl Way Younger Than Kylie

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By: Naturally Triece

We all remember when rapper Tyga came under fire for dating Kylie Jenner almost a year ago before she turned 18. Though there was never enough proof for him to get into any legal trouble, it was clear that they were a couple and had been dating well before her 18th birthday.

Now the 26-year-old rapper is at the center of attention once again after rumors recently surfaced that he is allegedly messing around with a 14-years-old girl. Jenner was rumored to have caught him texting back and forth with the teen after meeting her via Instagram.

He has yet to respond to this recent controversy, which has come only five months after stories of the rapper allegedly messing around with a transsexual model by the name of Mia Isabella who has been linked to the HIV positive Charlie Sheen. This was something that he and Jenner were able to work through however.

“Tyga only just managed to convince Kylie that there was nothing to worry about with Mia but he’s not going to be able to weasel out of this latest disaster,” a source told the US version of OK! Magazine.

“She feels like a fool for having believed him before, and she doesn’t want him anywhere near her right now.”

Talking about the young teen, the source added: “He’s texted her every day, and he’s tried to FaceTime with her too. He keeps telling her how beautiful she is and how he can’t wait to hang out with her.”

The source went on to claim that Jenner’s sisters, Kim, Kendall and Kourtney, never trusted Tyga and they have tried to refrain from saying ‘I told you so’ to their youngest sibling because they don’t want to make her current situation worse.

It was reported back in November that the reality star and model dumped her rapper boo on his birthday because of something that he’d done to her, but they were soon able to reconcile their differences.

Since then he hasn’t been seen with Jenner nearly as much as the papz are used to. She continues to post on Instagram and Snapchat… Just without him.

This whole situation sounds a bit messy, but it may be clear that their relationship is officially over. Something has to give at this point, because Tyga might be doing a little bit too much.

So, what are your thoughts on this one?

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