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Woman Banishes Menopause Symptoms at 41 By Going Vegan

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By: Naturally Triece

A woman who claims that she suffered from symptoms of menopause at the young age of 41 is now saying that she was able to put her menopause on hold by simply going vegan.

Lorraine Palmer was in shock when she started experiencing hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings at such a young age.

She was also battling skin problems and depression.

She said: 'By changing my diet and eating raw foods, I've managed to make the symptoms go away. I now want to help others with their symptoms, too,

But just six years in, she says that she has never felt better- thanks to her vegan diet of course.

She didn’t only change her eating habits and adopt a dramatic diet, she also cut out all meats and dairy products and was able to shun all possible medical treatments.

Palmer credits her smooth menopause ride to swapping potato chips for carrot sticks and adopting a raw diet.

She says: “’I want to shout from the rooftops to give other ladies a chance to fight the menopause and get healthy too. By changing my diet and eating raw foods, I’ve managed to make the symptoms go away. I now want to help others with their symptoms, too.”

Where her daily diet before would typically begin with fried plantains, meat pie, and dumplings; she now eats beetroot casserole, washed down with lots of kale juice.

Six years on, she credits her smooth journey through the menopause to swapping chips for carrot sticks - and adopting a mostly raw diet. She now works as a full-time health coach

Ms. Palmer is a full-time health coach who claims to be “fit and healthy and always at the gym, doing spinning classes. But one day I started feeling terrible – I was forgetful, my temperature kept going from hot to cold and my libido was gone.”

“I couldn’t shake a feeling of anxiety and felt tired all the time – and my skin was crawling like I had spiders on my arms. My doctor told me it was the menopause, and offered me HRT.”

But instead of taking the Hormone Replacement Therapy, Palmer chose to take the holistic route.

She says, “there are certain hormones you can take – bioidentical hormones from plants, for example – but HRT is not specifically for you – it’s just off the shelf. I started looking into my food and it was one of those nights where you’re on the Internet late at night and I came across raw foods – so I thought I’d give it a go!.”

Wow! Kudos to Ms. Palmer. We wish her all the best!

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