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Teen Killed After Altercation with Cyberbullies

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By: Naturally Triece

So tragic… A 14-year-old girl of Birmingham, Alabama has had a history with a group of girls on Facebook, but when they all decided to meet up and ‘fix’ the problem on Friday the confrontation turned out to be a deadly one.

The participants, who all had agreed to fight and post the video online, came together at a park but midway through the brawl there were shots fired that injured two of the young ladies and ended up killing one, Kierra’onna Rice.

A report said that the two shooters opened fire shortly after the girls arrived to the park, there is no evidence of whether the shooting was planned or not.

“They took it upon themselves to fire recklessly into a crowd,” Birmingham Police stated.

CNN reported that the police arrived and arrested two suspects of the shooting. Two males aged 17 and 19, whom were identified to police by witnesses.

Rice was taken to Baptist Princeton Medical Center where she was described to have life-threatening injuries. She later died there.

The two girls who were injured were taken to UAB Hospital for treatment.

Investigators say that they have reason to believe one of the suspects was dating a girl that Rice and others were planning to fight. The altercation all began over a Facebook fight that dated back to three weeks prior to the meeting.

Birmingham police sadly stated that teens have been known to use guns to confront any dispute head-on.

“We’re starting to see a lot of teens armed and extremely dangerous,” Edwards said. “We are starting to see them become more violent. They’re using guns to solve their issues.”

“Fights on the street are not fair and are extremely unpredictable,” said Edwards. “You’re agreeing to accept the harm that may take place against you and others.”

Such a sad story. Facebook is not worth losing your life over. I wish someone would have taught these teens that.

Prayers for the families of all the teens involved in this horrific incident.


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