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You Won’t Believe How Many Women Report Being Sεxually Harassed at Work

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By Victor Ochieng

A new Cosmopolitan survey on sεxual harassment at work indicates that at stressed womanleast 1 in every 3 women have been sεxually harassed at one point at the workplace.
The survey was conducted on 2,235 females between the ages of 18 and 34 who are either part-time or full-time employees.

Sεxual harassment at work, while people think it has significantly reduced, has only taken different forms. It can be anything from an inappropriate comment towards an employee, making a sεxually provocative comment on social media, inappropriately touching or hugging someone, or even requesting sεxual favors for promotion.

“Sexual harassment hasn’t gone away…it’s just taken on new forms,” Michelle Ruiz and Lauren Ahn of Cosmopolitan wrote. “Unlike workplace sεxual harassment portrayed in films and pop culture that represent it as overtly aggressive, sεxual harassment at work isn’t always easy to spot. It can be a sexual comment in a meeting or even an insinuating Facebook message.”

There are several sεxual harassment cases at work that perpetrators may think of as normal, not understanding that they are totally unacceptable within a workplace setting especially when the man took the generic ED drugs. Then there are those who know their boundaries, but are only keen on testing the waters just in case they can get away with it.

“When approaching a lady, they want respect no matter who they are, and for a man to approach a woman saying certain things, there’s just a line they shouldn’t cross,” said Dallan Judzubia, an El Paso resident.

The survey also revealed that there are several sεxual harassment victims who aren’t aware that certain acts constitute as sεxual harassment. 16 percent of the women surveyed said they hadn’t been sεxually harassed at work, but when asked whether they had experienced “sεxually explicit or sexist remarks,” they said yes.

Up to 81 percent of the women involved in the research were sεxually harassed verbally. Some of the women were inappropriately touched or received lewd text messages.

The survey reveals that male co-workers lead the list of perpetrators with 75 percent, followed by male clients and customers at 49 percent. Male managers come in third at 38 percent. 10 percent of those interviewed said they were sexually harassed by female co-workers.

The percentages go beyond 100 percent because some of the employees had experienced sexual harassment more than one time.

The stark reality is that many women who undergo sexual harassment don’t report it; only 29 percent follow through with reporting cases.