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Woman Tips Cashier After Robbing Subway at Gun-point

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subway-robberBy Angela L. Braden
A woman walked inside of an Oklahoma City Subway restaurant with a gun and demanded that the cashier hand over all the money in the cash register. After receiving the stolen cash, the armed robber turned to exit the restaurant, but before leaving she turned around and did something that stunned the cashier. She placed a dollar bill in the tip jar and told the cashier, “That’s for you.”
The Subway cashier said that the woman casually strolled up to the counter and, by all appearances, seemed as if she was about to place an order. The cashier said that instead of ordering a sandwich and chips, she pulled out a gun and ordered up the money in the cash register.
The restaurant worker said that she quickly obeyed the armed woman’s commands, fearing for her life. In return for the cashier’s cooperation, the robber rewarded the employee with her physical health being left in one piece. And strangely enough, the robber gave the woman a dollar bill, an action that left the cashier and all of those who hear about the case baffled.
But the dollar offering wasn’t enough to put the shaken-up cashier at ease. She quit her job not long after the robbery occurred.
Authorities say that they believe this is not the first time that the woman has robbed this location of the fast food chain. The woman is suspected of sticking up the working cashier and demanding all the register’s money in an earlier robbery. However, this was the first time she was generous enough to leave a tip.
The suspect’s motivation for leaving the $1 tip is unknown. Some speculate it wasn’t a kind gesture at all. They believe it to be a sarcastic act meant to humiliate the former Subway employee.
The suspect is still a wanted woman. She faces multiple counts of armed robbery if apprehended.


  1. Bluebeard

    February 6, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    At least she is not robbing people shes attacking the establishment!!! One up for her!. U go girl get that paper

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