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Woman Sεxually Assαulted by Cop Settled Lawsuit for $5,000

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A Cleveland woman says when she called police to report a crime, she Paul Joneswas victimized again, except this time it was by a police officer.

The woman accuses Det. Paul Jones of sεxually assαulting her in November of 2011, according to the 2012 lawsuit.

Even though Jones pleaded guilty to criminal trespass, dereliction of duty and assαult, he was only punished with a 90-day suspended jail sentence and supervision.

The victim, who settled her lawsuit for only $5,000, says when Det. Jones arrived he began making sεxually explicit comments.

“Jones exposed himself and forced the woman’s head toward his lap as she struggled to get away from him, according to the complaint. The lawsuit doesn’t say what happened next, but the woman said she was a victim of a violent sεxual assαult,” reports.

According to the woman, Jones warned her not to tell anyone about the incident.

Det. Jones was a 38 year veteran of the Cleveland Division of Police.

This case, and several others, have come under intense scrutiny since Cleveland police gunned down 12 year old Tamir Rice.

The woman assαulted by Det. Jones says police officials made no meaningful change after her case was settled.

Cleveland police gunned down Tamir Rice after a concerned citizen called in a report of someone waving a handgun at a park. The gun turned out to be a toy gun and not a real one.

Surveillance video shows that the 12 year old was shot within seconds of police arriving on the scene. Video from the scene also confirms that police officer Timothy Loehmann, who shot Tamir,  and his partner, Frank Garmback, did not administer first aid to the 12 year old.

Tamir Rice’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Cleveland.




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